No 20 min wattage data

Hi there,
I’ve just done a 24 min iTT Stampede race (24th Oct 22 08:00 UTC) but was the only racer not to get a 20 min watts and w/kg rating. As ZP uses ave of best 3 20 mins efforts will this not be included? Is there a way for ZP to give me a 20 min effort on this event? Thanks in advance
Neil Atherton

Sometimes this takes a bit of time to populate when the race is only just over 20 minutes.

Is your ZP showing live or fit file data?

Hi James, this was 2 days ago now.

Not sure how to see what type of data it is (live or fit file). My team mates have told me about the lightning bolts. Apparently all mine are green rather than blue. Ive now changed the setting onZC for that race to public and asked for an update on the race but no changes as yet? WTRL have advised they can see the data 4.1w/kg 20 mins. But i was wondering what the watts were and whether it will count towards best 3 results for cat calculation if it doesnt actually show on ZP in that 20 min column?

Someone or something has fixed it. 20 min data now showing. However, i am intrigued that the 20 min watts data is lower than the 24 minute total race watts data. Presumably this say reflects a very strong 2min start and strong 2 min finish so that the overall 24 mins is higher than any 20 min segment within it?
Does ZP calculate the best 20 minute segment or just the first 20 minutes?

Best 20 minutes - it’s possible for 24 minutes to be better as like you say, fast start and finish.

You can tell the data source by the colour of the lightning indicator. Blue is fit file and green is live data. You want it to be blue.

Thanks James for the much needed Zwift tech education