Next set and neutralized zones in workout mode

Hi Zwifters


Firstly, let me know if I’ve missed something and this feature is already available.

I’ve been doing quite a lot of the structured workouts on Zwift and find the bar on the left showing ‘up next’ really handy but it would be even better if the main bar at the top would show the current workout/watts/rpm/time remaining along with a little slim bar underneath showing the next set with the same information next set/watts/rpm/length. the side bar doesn’t seem to show all of that information and I end up jumping from 85 to 95-100rpm +more power and having to read the set (and warnings) and pick it up straight away.

While we’re on the subject, is it possible to add a small ‘neutralised’ zone at the end of each set in a workout to allow me to spin up/down or reach the right power before it starts flashing loads of warnings at me? Going from 105w at 85rpm to 370w at 95rpm for a 15 second burst just ends up with me sprinting, going waaay over, settling in and then having 5 seconds before the set ends :). Hopefully my suggestion above would help with that too because I could start spinning up a few seconds earlier.