hi, simple question, better

- Arion Digital Smart B+


- Qubo Digital Smart B+ ?

I mean wich offer the better chances to enjoy with Zwift ?

have a good evening


Please, read this:

My personal opinion: avoid not direct drive trainers (like Qubo Digital Smart B+). I tried Zwift on bike rollers and was not the best experience ( Arion Digital Smart B+ ). 

My setup is a Elite Turbo Muin (the first one, 400€) and a powermeter (Stages 375€). The experience is good, but with a smarttrainer is another level. Elite direto is a better experience for a cheaper price than my setup (800€) and is a smart trainer. In some 15% climbs you will feel the pain!

I agree with Juan. Avoid rollers and if you can afford it, get a direct drive smart trainer. With a wheel on smart trainer they require warming up and calibrating (spindown) every ride. With a direct drive trainer you just hop on and go. Smoother and no tyre wear. The direct drive trainers are more accurate as well.

thank you guys, I really appreciate yours help…

so I’m going to change my wishes…

have a good day (also if it’s monday)