Newbie - watts


I’m a complete newbie on Zwift.

I have a BMC time machine TM02 and a Tacx blue matic turbo trainer and a wahoo speed sensor.

Done my first practice ride on Zwift and the watts in my opinion is really low. Can just about manage 290 going absolute max out. I’m 36 years old and pretty fit.

Does this seem really low to you guys? Could the fact I have no cadence sensor be causing a low watt?

Or is it just because I’ve gone for a cheap setup with no smart trainer / power unit?


Hi @Dom_Lowe

Welcome to the forum.

I assume you selected the correct trainer in Zwift and have the resistance on the setting that Zwift suggest. (Always keep the resistance on that number)

It is hard to know if 290w is high or low for you.

That trainer should be able to go up to 500w.

No you don’t need a cadence sensor.


That trainer is probably not specifically supported so it’s just a guestimation. Upgrade to a smart trainer or get some other source such as pedals for measuring power.

It is supported for Zwift as a Classic Trainer:

But I do agree with getting a power meter of smart trainer.