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Hello all, I’m new to this forum but not having the best product experience to date. The Zwift program is loaded on my IPhone and HP laptop. My Garmin speed 2 and Cadence 2 sensors sync well with the program. Unfortunately, during my rides I see my vitals on the screen but really don’t know how accurate they are. The reason I say this is because it takes up to several seconds for my Avator to move once I start riding and when I stop and off my bike, my Avator is still riding for about 30 seconds. I have contacted Zwift support twice before today and once today and supplied them a video showing my Avator riding and me off my bike but no response. My equipment is very close to my WiFi so I don’t think it’s the issue. I have not been riding which defeats the purpose of having this program for training. Has anyone experienced this and what was your conclusion?

Hi @Brian_Belcher

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You will need to reach a certain amount of power level before your avatar Start moving.

On a downhill section your avatar will take some time to come to a stop.

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You don’t mention what trainer you are using but make sure you run a calibration.

Hi, thank you. I was misunderstanding the syncing was similar to when you are on the road using your sensors which are pretty much instantaneous. I can live with the momentary delay on the start but at the end of the ride I have been on the flat not hill when the system is still showing me on the bike thus my accuracy question. I might be expecting to much from the program. Again, thanks for your input but still frustrated with the lack of customer service from Zwift support.

Are the legs of the avatar still cycling, and the power displayed on screen non-zero while you have stopped in real life?