New Zwift Update Problem

The latest update has been screwed again as Zwift is unable to find Stages Bike as Controllable but no issue with finding it for Power and Cadence.

It is a real let down and really disappointed that the latest update still has problems.

Yep, getting the same issue tonight. Didn’t have this issue before the update

Change the order you connect unpair hr and power and connect control

Same issue here with Mac OS 12.1. The problem is with bluetooth. Connected an Ant+ key and it was able to find the trainer. Tried with an iPad and no problem. So it’s the combination of Zwift+bluetooth, and in my case Mac OS. Re-installing Zwift did not help. un-pairing everything did not help either.

This thread is more specific with the issue, and Zwift is more likely to see it: Stages SB20 Not Controllable

Mmm, but it’s not just an SB20 issue. Maybe I’ll post it to the new update thread.

Glad it wasn’t just me.

Going by the other thread, I think the SB20 issue is fixed now. Please shout up on there if not.

I just checked and I still cannot get the zwift app on my Mac to recognize the SB20 as controllable.