New Zwift Home Screen Update [March 2022]

The rest of the game is/was mostly consistent though - the blue/orange theme, the icons (only the garage seems to have been kept), the buttons etc. They are distinctly different from the new home screen.


Got the new Home Screen yesterday morning right before a scheduled event. Took a bit to figger out how to navigate it. A little warning would’ve been nice but I’ve been jonesin’ for it since the announcement so I can’t complain. Much.

Lots to like. Some of the more experienced members with UI jobs have weighed in quite well and covered my concerns. I’m REALLY hoping we get the garage updated to archive stuff we will NEVER use. Like bikes that were fast when released and then nerfed when they were too fast for the likes of us.



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Cheers, that’s my main theory smashed then. :rofl:


@Dave_ZPCMR yup, we’re already working on that bug.



Good suggestion, @Mark_Crane_TOG_G_65y. I’ve passed it along to the UX team.


Medium is pretty good on 4k screen.

The one thing I instantly missed was there was no choice select world and ride you seem to have to click world tab, click route, click start ride.

Yep pretty minor but 3 clicks rather than 1. Quite often i’m coming on to fanview and don’t really care for what route i’m choosing i just want into the world quick


Medium seems pretty good, until you click settings. The font on the settings dialogue is tiny and inconsistent with the rest of the new home screen.

Overall I feel like it has a lot of future potential with some smarter use of the cards - recommended upcoming events, Clubs events, join known riders, maybe some key stats and insights too. For now whilst it is an improved UI, the UX is probably worse than the old home screen. Will give it a few months for some inprovement before passing judgement.

Looking forward to the in-game UI updating to the same design language too (seems huge now, dominates the screen unnecessarily. Custom scaling and being able to toggle what is on the UI would be great).

Also linked but not really linked - pllleeeaassee can we have the option to hide the UI whilst in a workout. I have all the workout info I need on the companion app.


Sorry if this has already been posted, but I don’t have the new Home Screen. Is there an update that I have to apply or are there certain users that are getting it first?

Yes, slow roll out

This hasn’t been addressed by zwift that i can see in any threads…are there plans to bring this back? Zwift is hugly popular in large part due to it’s community of friends. I use this function nearly every single ride. Please please give us the option to join rider again!


Put it back. Make it stop. I hate it. Please please please.

Please put back the old home screen - at least as an option. Cannot stand the new screen


I’m sorry but this new UI is dreadful. I’m not saying the old one aged well but this is bad.

I can’t select the routes I want to use in my workout and am forced to use a “recommended route” to with no stats to compare.

Events are not clear. Everything is on a tab which means there is no overview.

And that’s just the start when this terribleness happened today as I write this working out on a course I don’t want to ride on.


Coming next month


Okay, I got the new home screen for the first time today. First impressions are not that great. I found the layout confusing and not as easy and intuitive as the old version. I didn’t spend much time on it as I was short of time before the ToW Stage 3 event I had entered. But, firstly it was immediately obvious how to select the world you wished to ride. Secondly, once I did select the world, the list of routes was even less intuitive and on my Microsoft Laptop the scrolling was invisible so I had to guess that there was a scroll and use the arrow keys instead of the pad. I haven’t even tried to look into selecting a workout or avatar/bike customisation and the shop yet, but I am not looking forward to doing so.


That’s something positive. How can I opt out in the meantime?

I manage my workouts on the routes so I’m unable to do this now.

I might be in the minority here but I really didn’t see what the problem was with the old version.

just needed to add the settings/garage to it so you didn’t have to start a ride to access them but other than that I quite like the old version.

But maybe because i’ve been using it for years i’m just used to it.


You cant change back, this is the way.

You can choose the route you want, start the ride, then enter the workout menu (E on the keyboard shortcut). I think that is the workaround for now.

The flow for selecting routes with training plans is broken in my opinion.
Old flow:

  1. Start zwift, see next workout in training plan, click ‘workout’
  2. Taken to home screen, select route, ride.
    Simple, couple clicks and you’re riding the next suggested workout in your plan.

New flow:

  1. Start zwift, see next workout in training plan, click ‘workout’
  2. Realize you can only select a few routes, click cancel.
  3. Back at ‘next workout’ screen, select ‘not now’.
  4. Taken to home screen, select your route, start riding.
  5. Go to select workout menu and realize it’s just showing you the whole plan.
  6. Navigate through the plan to find the week you’re on.
  7. Guess at which one might be scheduled next and select it.

It’s painful and requires far too much clicking and scrolling through menus. Either give us a way to lock in the selected suggested workout and then select route or just get rid of the training plan workout menu at startup. It’s quite useless in my opinion. When I was going for my tron bike I did workout after workout on ADZ and it was easy. This new flow would have made it super annoying because it doesn’t even remember my last route.