New Zwift Home Screen Update [April 2022]

Can my swipe cache thing be cleared again please? It’s gone all unpleasant again. :thinking:

What is the schedule for ATV users ?

Hopefully dead last when they’ve finished beta testing on all the other platforms.

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Update April 25

Starting today, we’re rolling out the new home screen UI to almost all PC and Mac users who’ve set their language preference to English. Thank you all for your patience!

There are some older integrated graphic processors that don’t run well with the new UI, and we’ve chosen to keep the classic home screen running on those machines until those issues have been resolved.


I don’t understand the last bit. Of course, most tech stuff confounds me. The home screen is a pretty static thing. What graphic processing (at least compared to riding thru Watopia) needs to occur that makes older units incapable?

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I went back to try and recreate the issue. It seems it is only like that when I have it plugged into my larger tv with an hdmi cable (which is how I usually ride). When I unplug the cable it is back to the larger settings screen. No changing the size on the screen. Plug in and it goes tiny again(without changing the actual setting screen size) but the background main screen stays the exact same. Which is interesting as when it’s tiny you can see more in the background. So it doesn’t change at all. And now I’m seeing more of the new log in page stuff than I was before. I can send you a video of you want. FWIW I always ride with it plugged into the tv via the hdmi and I am on a new MacBook Pro

It mashes the life out of the CPU and GPU. On integrated graphics those are the same, which isn’t especially pleasant for it.

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Since you’re on a mac - did the new home screen show up for you today? Wondering if the slider works at it should now that the the rest of the UI caught up with your Settings menu?

Yes I was just checking that out also. It only shows up when I end a ride and go to the menu before logging out. Otherwise it’s the previous version at first.
I can scroll down, I can also swipe the workouts, and stuff to get to them. And the side slider bar works fine. It’s interesting. It will take some getting used to.

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The thing that I don’t understand is why the new menu box is so “hard” and edgy while the rest of Zwift is cartoony, soft and round.

But why would a static (ie. no moving bits) page do this? And once you leave the home screen, why wouldn’t the actual riding graphics and CPU/GPU usage be exactly the same as previously? Like I said, tech stuff isn’t really my forte

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Someone needs to really rethink some of the duration estimates.

Three Little Sisters - 23.1 miles, < 30 min? During Tour of Watopia, it took me over an hour for this route. Strava KOM is at 47 min.
Triple Flat Loop - 31.1 miles, < 30 min? During Tour of Watopia, it took me close to an hour for this route. Strava KOM is at 42 min.
Beach Island Loop - 8.0 miles, < 60 min? I guess 30 minutes is less than 60. . .
Volcano Flat - 7.8 miles, < 60 min? That’s less than 30 minutes any day of the week.


Not really sure, sorry. It uses a third party plug-in, so the chances are ZHQ are still getting to grips with making it run efficiently over the top of the actual game, on systems with less headroom to play with. All I know is it generates quite a lot of stress on components at present so it’s a good move to restrict it so people don’t end up with a really bad experience and/or crashes.

Just saw this and opened the app on my new laptop.

First thing that jumped out at me: we can now ride with pace partners on Makuri, despite Makuri not being the active guest world! Love that addition.

Of course, all the other quality of life additions are welcome - badges, garage, and settings access right from the home screen. Looking forward to poking at this some more.


New interface is awful…it’s not intuitive at all…WTF went on that you had to so drastically alter everything and now make it so I can’t even do a ride?

very disappointed in this mess.

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Not true. Email April 19th, still nothing.

What does ‘starting to roll out mean?’ Why not add ‘…and we expect it to take ###’? Then at least we’d have a timeframe.

Good to hear that you’re seeing the new UI, but I have a question. Are you saying that you logged in, saw the old UI at first, did your ride, and saw the new UI after you finished?

The new home screen should be triggered each time you log in. If you reproduce the Log in > Old UI > ride > New UI sequence, would you report back?

To clarify on this point - is the screen scaling thing on your Settings menu sorted now?

I’m seeing in your server stats that your macbook has an Intel HD 5xx series GPU. That’s one of the integrated graphics chips that doesn’t run the new home screen well. This is why you’re still seeing the classic home screen on that Macbook.

it’s all the new interface when I log in.

As far as the settings screen no that’s still wacky. If I set it to medium and it’s not using HDMI to tv it’s fine. When I plug it in it’s super tiny. While it’s plugged in still, I set it then to XL it’s fine. But then if I unplug HDMI it’s super zoomed in and I can only read about the top left corner of the settings screen and can’t change it unless I plug it back in (to get the smaller screen to change the settings )
It’s always slightly adjusted to the settings of the tv for display but this is just wonky.

Add: I can mess around with the Macbook displays some tomorrow to see if that does anything.