New Zwift Home Screen Update [April 2022]

A 1/2 year+ since new home page first appeared and STILL nothing for AppleTV! :rage:

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Too busy releasing new roads…oh wait…


Actually Zwift seems too busy working on Pace Partners to dedicate any resources to things like new roads, platform feature parity, bug fixes and enhancements to the core experience.

I’m sure I read on here somewhere (multiple thread are hard to keep up with and I can’t find the post) that they plan to roll out the new UI to everyone by the end of august.

I wouldn’t say that the only thing they are working on is Pace Partners. That appears to be James’ project.

There hasn’t been any functionality improvements made to Pace Partners in the last 6 months or so.

If you mean by one person spending an hour or two a day managing them as the whole company dedicating all their time to Pace Partners, I’m afraid you’re mistaken.


So then what has everyone at Zwift been working on?

I’ve been a Zwift customer for about 5 years and am growing increasingly dissatisfied with what seems like the slowing pacing of enhancements to the core experience and growing backlog of bug fixes and feature requests.

Why should customers keep renewing their membership every month to receive the exact same thing?

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were you happy to pay that amount last month?

I just think monthly subscription services should give customers something new every month to keep them coming back- or at least make progress towards fixing bugs and making enhancements.

Most people wouldn’t pay a monthly fee to Netflix year after year to watch the same shows over and over- they would expect something new after a while.

The real reason most of Zwift’s longtime customers put up with the slow pace of improvement is there isn’t yet a reasonable alternative to Zwift. As soon as there is, I expect you will see a mass exodus of customers.


Netflix is hardly comparable is it? Do people who pay a monthly fee for the gym expect them to add new equipment every month?


I disagree. I think there are entertainment and social aspects of Zwift that makes a comparison to Netflix relevant. I’d argue customers who were interested in a virtual cycling platform that was purely for training would likely choose something else.

But let’s continue with your analogy of Zwift to a neighborhood gym. Wouldn’t you think it reasonable of a gym member to expect that the equipment was well maintained and that any issues were fixed? So at the very least shouldn’t a monthly Zwift subscriber expect that bugs and glitches be at least fixed in a reasonable time frame?

And I’d suspect that if a member of that gym renewed their membership every month year after year without seeing much in the way of new equipment, they would start looking for a new gym.

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An awful lot of them were working on the smart bike/trainer project that was recently canned. So plenty were laid off and others will have been reassigned.

I expect something of a hiatus as the Zwift supertanker is aligned on its new course and starts steaming ahead.

Does your neighborhood gym have new equipment each month?

My gym doesn’t get new equipment every month- but there aren’t bugs introduced either that stop it from working the way it did the month before either.

When Zwift paused its hardware development in May their press release stated, “We are committed to increasing the development of the core Zwift game experience, increasing the speed of new feature releases…”

It has been exactly two months since then and nothing new has been introduced or announced. I’m not the one with some crazy expectations- Zwift is regularly creating those expectations in its communications.

So if Zwift wants customers who pay for the exact same service every month with little to no fixes or enhancements, then I suggest it change how it communicates with customers.

I think it’s also worth considering that in the US we are either in or headed towards a recession and that $180/year for a Zwift membership isn’t a necessity. Might be time to actually show some appreciation for long time customers and at the very least stop criticizing them for offering free feedback for improving the core experience.


Zwift is a digital service, it’s far closer to Netflix than a gym. You don’t take your own equipment to a gym, that’s literally the point of them.


I mean… who knows, maybe we will get something new in the game release this week…

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Gang - we’re working on new stuff all the time, but that doesn’t mean we’re releasing new stuff in the game client every cycle. Some of the development is longer-term work, like new roads or world expansions. These projects take time, and we ask for your patience on things of that nature.

Improvements to our tech stack are released constantly in our apps (i.e. client releases) as well as on the server side of our ecosystem, but they’re not player-facing and therefore invisible to you. Don’t discount the time and effort that goes into this type of work.


Patience? Come on, Zwift users are nothing but patient. We have to be. New York, Paris, France never updated since released years ago. London? 4 years ago? Watopia? 2 years ago?

There’s been two new Makuri worlds since France.

Well, one “world”, with an expansion…
Makuri appears for 7 days this month. So for 24 days, the same old roads are available. The same roads that were available over 2 + years ago…

And wasn’t Makuri postponed, so it could coincide with the Japan olympics?

Kind of but each time you watch a film on Netflix do the characters change, the duration of the film change dependant on your mood, the scenery and locations change? Does the ending change each time?
In Zwift no two rides are ever the same so you could argue that new content (in a netflix comparison) is added every second of every day.

I’m not saying new stuff shouldn’t be added or that bugs shouldn’t be fixed but to say that new roads or features need to be added every month to justify a monthly subscription is a bit of a stretch.