New York and 9/11

Would be nice to see New York on the schedule, at the very least, every year on 9/11, maybe even dress up the place for the occasion.

I know, slippery slope, then Zwift will be expected to recognize and celebrate ALL the other holiday’s and special occasions from all the other cultures around the globe. However, New York is already in the game so it could be easily done, and the same can be done for France, Bologna, London, etc. on their relevant celebrations/days of remembrance.

well while they ad it let’s make it a double date and celebrate also the Coup d’État in Chile that took place also on September 11. where around 3500 Chilean Civilians where killed with the Help of the American CIA and Nobel Price Winner Henry Kissinger.

We could make a Remember Day for the 37 Million displaced people that had to flee their Homes because of the War on Terror. Or even better a remember Day for any Country that was a victim of illegal US Intervention Wars.

You get my Point right? Let’s just ride and let Politics at the Door.


Like I said, slippery slope