New user_ Moving slow

Hello I’ve read some about but haven’t found the solution, seems scant and all moving super slow and not as needed as viewed normal phase in YouTube etc, tried all I can ,
Tacx neo T2
Mountain bike top fuel with suitable cassette

Please help…

Hi @Yossi_Eluz

Welcome to the forum.

Did you pair the trainer as power source and controllable?

What is the wats on the screen while riding.

Hi, yes pair as both and vats exactly what training program asking me to get to
50-150 different intervals , did the first 2 at training session

Looking at your profile it does not seem like you move so slow for the power you produce.

10km/h @ 78w on a slight incline will be about right

I wonder if it is just a matter of a small gearing ratio usually found on mountain bikes?

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It’s slow on the application

Try to click speed couldn’t choose my tire weel size

Got 29 at 3.5~ whatever which not on list

which gearing ratio I can try?

Most road bikes are usually a 50/34 or 52/36


Please help…. Where should I get it all right

That is your tire size, not gears

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So where should I look it and we’re to modify it

You are talking about a major mechanical change, talk to your local bike shop, or find a cheap used road bike.

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I don’t understand, I can’t use my Mtb?

What I’m referring to is the front chain ring on your bike, the part that the pedals are attached to. The chain ring on MTB’s are usually very small compared to a road bike. This means your MTB will move slower than a road bike at the same cadence.

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Yes it is small
But still I feel I in slow motion compare to the needed way its should be look and how I see on YouTube