New User interface

What is the outlook for making the UI costumizable?

It has not changed since the program first came out, and it is not very good.

You cannot see “km remaining”, “avg speed”, “course profile” and other nice elements.

Why do I need to see all other zwifters filling up 20pct of the screen?

Welcome aboard!

Indeed, there was a time a “New GUI” was frequently mentioned. Alas, this was rather long time ago, and nothing ever really materialized.

Will it ever? I don’t know. I am not sure anyone outside ZHQ can really tell.

But I must admit I do like the overall somewhat “cartoonish” graphics.


It’s a bit like arriving at a shop and there is a sign on the door saying “back in 1 hour” but you have no idea when they left!

Lots of things have been promised over the years but very few ever materialise. Maybe one day it’ll happen but how far into the future is anyone’s guess!

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