New update makes it hard to ride without getting constant tire slippage warnings

(marko vuruna) #1

It was working perfectly until the new update today. Anyone else have this problem?

(J O'Connor) #2

I got tire slippage warnings only during particularly clunky gear changes and even then they vanished almost immediately. Certainly no worse today than ever before and a lot better than some previous rides.

(Jon Mayfield) #3

We’ve noticed an issue with false slipping warnings here, and it often has to do with signal strength between the ANT+ dongle and your sensors. Maybe try positioning the dongle closer or such that it has a clear line of sight to the bike.

This is something we hope to improve greatly in the next update.

(marko vuruna) #4

Not for me I had to stop quite a lot and it ruined my pace significantly. I’ll try to get a clearer line between the dongle and sensors and report back.

(Mike King ODZ (D)) #5

I’ve been getting the same and while I know it is ANT+ dropout (I can see them clearly when I use Trainer Road) I don’t like that it makes me stop before it clears. I would hope that it can cope with the odd drop and look for an extended period before alerting. Drop outs will happen.

First time in though today and loving it so far. I do love my Sufferfest videos but you can’t beat trying to catch someone real…

(Eric Min) #6

Try using a USB extender cable to get the ANT+ dongle closer to your speed/cadence sensors.

(marko vuruna) #7

Yup! Closer to the usb definitely worked a lot better.

(Soeren Moos) #8

I have not done this yet, but it has been over a year since I replaced my battery in my Garmin GSC 10 speed/kadance sensor.
When using an usb extender cable to recieve signal from shorter distance I get less warnings with tire slippering.

Maybe this issue appears to people with a low voltage battery which need to be changed.

(Mark Duncombe) #9

yes, all of a sudden I have started seeing lots of these

(Mike King ODZ (D)) #10

USB extension fitted so dongle less than 10cm from the sensor and new battery fitted. I still get slippage warnings on a regular basis. In TR I’m not getting any dropouts showing on the graphs so Zwift is evidently being really sensitive.

(Bjorn Egil Bakke) #11

I’m having the same issue after the latest update.
Get them mostly when standing up. Nothing is changed exept the game software. Use same tire preassure.
I use a USB extender and have the dongle about 40cm from the sensors.
The message is just popping up for some m.seconds, so I had a hard time to find out what it said in the beginning.

(marko vuruna) #12

Mine is back again and makes it really difficult to ride since I’m stopping all
The time. Can’t see how zwift will work with serious training vs just a game if they don’t fix this.

(Robin Swinton) #13

Not certain this will be helpful but during my first few rides on Zwift I had no tire slippage issues. Then last night on my ride it was a big problem. That was until I realized my speed sensor had been tampered with. If you have a 3 year old around your setup, this could be the source of your problems :slight_smile:

(Catalin Onel ZZRC (C)) #14

I get the tire slippage message when I use my rollers (Elite Ghibli) regardless of the tire pressure I use. I tried to lower the pressure to 6 psi (for better grip) and still the same. I could get it to worok only if I started pedalling at a verry slow, pace and gradually build up speed, however at the slightest sudden sprint in a harder gear I’m back to tire slip again. My setup is GSC-10 + Suunto Movestick plugged into a 1 meter usb extender. Distance from the ANT sensor on the bike and the sensor on the PC is about 1 meter, so I guess signal interference is out of the question. It’s a really frustrating experience so far…

(Eric Min) #15

@Catalin One! – Rollers are not supported on Zwift. This is probably the source of your issue. You’ll need a power meter for rollers…

(1 BigSexyRacing) #16

Why would you need a power meter w/rollers? If you have a speed/cadence sensor, it would be the same as if it were on a trainer.

(D. Morgan (Team Pentabike)) #17


Was having issues with tire slippage, and just saw that a 23c is what zpower looks for and I am on a 25c. Going to try the 23 and see what happens.


(D. Morgan (Team Pentabike)) #18

After finally seeing that the Cateye Sensor was having issues, I switched over to the new Garmin Speed and Cadence Sensors to use with my Cateye Stealth Evo+. 

No more drops, and i’m back to having fun again.


(Steven Biringer) #19

I’m getting this issue but it pops up and goes away do fast I can’t even read the warning. Any tips? I have usb extension and sensors are close.

(Jon Mayfield) #20

Steve, what speed/cadence sensor do you have?

We fixed the issue with cateye sensors just this week at ZwiftHQ and that fix will be in the next update, probably in the next 10 days.