"New UI" scope?

I’m trying to make sense of the investment press release and what it implies and realize that there is one partly related, older question I have no answer to. Maybe I just missed it at the time.

What is the consensus here regarding the new UI that was supposed to come but never arrived, which surely must be postponed further now, at least until quite some time after the cash injection has sunk into the company (recruitment, new organizational chart, development = many months for any company).

What I mean is, what does “new UI” actually mean to you? And what was disclosed?

UI can mean a lot of things. Anything from light UX fixes to deep changes to how users interact with an updated or even completely reworked core engine. So would we get a new type font for the Watt numbers, some new buttons and an info box moved from upper right corner to lower left? Or does it mean something more to you? What are your expectations?

I’m just curious and have no idea or clear opinion myself, and I’m not invested in this issue. And maybe this was discussed thouroughly but if so, then I missed it. Point me in the right direction please if so.

AppleTV improvements. I was hoping taking 10 minutes to get a workout slected without messing up FTP would be included. It is much less frustrating now that I use 3rd party apps for workouts.


To be honest I don’t think a big change is needed.

  1. Moving having access to the menu button on the start screen will be nice.

  2. a option to save your current ride and go back to the start menu.

These are probably the most requested features.

Personality I would prefer Zwift to focus on game play. Better racing, training plans, TTT mode, wind, battle royale style races. Keyboard shortcuts.


Firstly, see the investment post where it has been confirm the new UI has been canned (starting again).

For me:

  • Main menu structure that allows access to everything - drop shop, garage, route, badges, achievements etc

  • User experience improvement - it should be obvious to someone new

  • Upon ending a ride you go back to the main menu screen

  • When selecting a route, route progress is clearly shown to you

  • Improved gradient profile that is always left to right and is valid for the route you are on

  • Ability to customise the HUD - add or remove elements, plus more options - like average power, TSS, etc

  • Access to your follow list - so you can choose to view someone or watch a race without having to start an activity yourself

  • Access to historical data - activities, race results, etc


You’re absolutely right that it covers both the interface and the experience, and there plenty of things I’d like to work differently.

  • better user journey mapping for example. Actually thinking about how people use the platform, and making it as streamlined as possible. One canonical example is the awkwardness of selecting a route based on which badges you still have to get. You have to select a route before you can check your badges; so if you have selected a route that you’ve already got the badge for you might have to quite the game and relaunch it in order to select the appropriate route.
  • new features such as the ability to click on the map and drop in at that location, rather than have a limited number of fixed starting locations. Zwift already has the ability to drop a rider in anywhere along the routes - that’s what “Ride with…” and the new Pace Partner feature does
  • not having to exit the game entirely to end a ride or change route. If I wanted to knock out a few short badges in the same session, that would mean multiple restarts.
  • better “gear management”, such as the ability to mark some jerseys as “favourites” so you can quickly change them. I have loads of jerseys I never wear, and changing between the ones I do wear is made less convenient by having to scroll past many other jerseys. Alternatively, the ability to hide or “mothball” ones I don’t need to see all the time
  • “gear sets” would be nice too; if I always ride the TT bike with the disc wheel, that could be a “setup”. Another one might be the Emonda with Lightweight wheels. Being able to choose between those as a set is easier than having to change frame first, then go back and change the wheelset. These could also include jersey and helmet. It makes sense if I want to select the TT helmet as part of my TT set, but choose not to wear a helmet when climbing AdZ for example.
  • making the interface less frustrating at times; sometimes I want to give someone a ride on when they’ve got a PR, but by the time I’ve located the mouse cursor and moved it to the right place the orange thumb has gone away.
  • add accessibility features; removing UI elements can help with distractions, user-selected fonts can help with readability, contrast is poor in some areas, etc. etc.

That’s just a very small selection of things. There are loads of UI and UX features requested. Some are pretty major, others relatively small quality of life (QOL).


Lots of good suggestions. I’d add that many things would be useful prior to even logging on and could therefore be moved to (or duplicated in) the Companion app; bike/wheel selection, drop shop, avatar customisation, route badge and achievements progress, course profiles with descriptions and I’m sure there’s more.

It would streamline the user experience if you could do all that messing about from the comfort of the sofa, then just log on to ride.


I think Duplicated is a must, not every one has a smart phone that use Zwift. For instance my daughter does not have one so she cant use the companion app. She can’t even give multi ride on’s because it is only available in the companion app.


Yep I edited that in straight away. Limiting it to only the app would be as short-sighted as limiting to only the game is now. :+1:


At this point I’ve gotten used to all the quirks Zwift has and really don’t have issues or really care it it changes or not. The only thing I have a gripe with is the bugs introduced every time there is an update but have come to expect it.
That said I have been trying other platforms to see how they compare to Zwift, just being prepared in case Zwift becomes too expensive or does not head in the direction that works for me.


That some of the most annoying fixes are simple is exactly why it’s frustrating. Move the WO FTP slider, add a menu or garage button earlier. It doesn’t have to be some huge wholesale change to address the most common issues.

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