New UI for Apple TV

When is the new User Interface (UI) that has been published on every other platform being released on Apple TV?
Really looking forwards to the more common sense interface but there are no details about release dates.

It hasn’t - it’s being rolled out to some users but not all just yet.

Thanks for the quick response Mark, I’m aware that it hasn’t been rolled out yet. Hence why I’m raising the question.
I was wondering if anyone knew when it might be released?

What Mark means is that it’s not actually been rolled out on mass for any users.

And it’s certainly not for every other platform other than ATV.

It’s only for Windows users presently.

Thanks for clarifying Stuart, appreciate it.
Sorry Mark, with the “new release” comms and all the new UI videos on YouTube I wrongly assumed they were one and the same.
If it’s only in beta with a select group of users on windows then we are probably a very long way off mass release on Apple TV.

Don’t worry David. ATV are always last in the line for bug fixes and updates…I’m still stroking my remote hoping that I’ll land on the correct icon.


No problem, no offence taken.

As for “It’s only for Windows users presently”, more accurate to say “It’s only for selected Windows users presently” - limited release beta.

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Mac will be next after Windows. So it’ll be a while until they get around to mobile platforms and Apple TV.

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I was about to make a new post asking this question, thought I would just bump this instead.

Does anyone have any word when ATV might get the new UI?


Should be sometime in the next few months: New Home Screen Update [August 2022]

Thank you

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