New type of handicap races - power based rather than time based

As a lower grade rider I often think of the following when racing the same course distance as higher categorised riders. I kill myself just as much by my perceived exertion and pain level but I have to suffer longer than an A grade rider.
So my suggestion is:

Power Based Handicap Race

  • Race all grades together - whether it be a race or a time trial.
  • Increase D grade riders power by a suitable amount - say 100%
  • Increase C grade riders power by a suitable amount - say 60%
  • Increase B grade riders power by a suitable amount - say 30%
  • Decrease A+ Riders power by say 10%

This way each rider from every grade should be able to ride in the same bunch for the whole race - start together and finish together.

There would be an overall winner and a winner in each grade category.

Hi @George_Rawson

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Something similar is the Cat and mouse races.
How they work: The D racers goes first then the C then B then A. The time gap is calculated (educated guess) so that the 4 groups join close to the finish lin.

See these and other similar races.

No this is not similar - these are time based handicaps. My suggestion would allow all riders to start at the same time but with different grades receiving different power boosts so that, in theory, all riders from all grades could ride in the same bunch.