New to Zwift

Hello Fellow Zwifter Members,

I received my Wahoo Kicker last Thursday evening and with some help from a buddy, we got it all setup and I did my first ride.  A 10 mile flat ride so that I could get the feel of it etc.  I have to say, it was pretty tough!  I rode over 5000 miles on the road in 2017 and average about 19 mph on my solo rides and somewhat faster in group rides.  But this first ten mile ride on the trainer and Zwift was an eye opener!  I had a blast and love how I can see other riders from all over the world.  I love the competition and the overall fun of riders with others.  I am amazed at how the technology works.  I feel that Zwift and my trainer are going to make me stronger on the road.

Ride On, Nick. See you out there :slight_smile:

It gets even better when you get some race wheels like the 808’s and start racing.


I just got new wheel! Have not tried them yet but maybe tonight! Don’t plan to push too hard tonight though because I have a century ride coming up Saturday