New to Zwift: zwiftpower query

(James Bailey TT1) #1

Hello. New to all this, but trying to learn fast. Everything connected ok (except HR - ANT not ANT+ strap at the moment). Have linked to Strava, set up an account at and done my first race.

Question: in the race results on zwiftpower, almost everyone has their bodyweight showing, and everyone has their type of trainer (smart/power/zp) showing… except me - I have neither displayed. 

Whereabouts and how do I provide this information. Is it somewhere in, in, or somewhere else. Basic instructions would be much appreciated!


(Gerrie Delport) #2

I think you need to accept the terms in


Go to you profile - Settings

(James Bailey TT1) #3

Yes, that was already ticked. Any other ideas?

Many thanks,


(Steven D) #4

This question could probably best be answered by members of the Zwift community. As an official member of the Zwift team, I can’t offer detailed information about Zwift Power.

The reason is that we’re not directly involved with running Zwift Power: their website is separately run and managed by the community. More information is available on their site and they have an FAQ.

Furthermore, you can contact them directly through Facebook. Thanks!

(James Bailey TT1) #5

Ah, ok. Thanks Steven. Appreciate the response. 

(Steven D) #6

You’re welcome, James. Sorry I couldn’t be of more assistance but I’m confident Zwift Power site reps or members of the community can answer your question. Hopefully more of them will chime in, and the Facebook page I referred to previously is also a good resource for information.