New to Zwift - Power vs Chainring

I was riding my first real Zwift ride tonight and notice going up a steep hill when I dropped onto my 3rd chainring (smallest) my power shot up even though my heart rate or cadence didn’t change much. Started passing people, didn’t seem right. Is this normal?
Using a Kickr Snap, cadence and HR sensors.

That doesn’t sound normal. When you get a chance, please exit Zwift and use your official Wahoo support app to pair your Snap, check for firmware updates, and complete a new calibration in-app. If your Wahoo Cadence sensor allows for firmware update and calibration, that wouldn’t be a bad idea.

Once finished, disconnect your trainer and sensors from Wahoo’s app and force-close it then repair everything through Zwift. Try to avoid calibrating through Zwift itself afterward and see if you can reproduce the issue.

If it does happen again, would you mind emailing us at with attached copies of all of the log files located in your ~/Documents/Zwift/Logs folder so we can research the concern a bit for you?