New to Zwift. Need Setup Advice

(Jeremy Nesbitt) #1

Hello everyone,

I’m new to Zwift but I have been wanting to try it out for a while. I bought my first bike in September. For my area and riding style, I chose a 2019 Giant Roam 2 Disc. I know it’s not as expensive or high quality as most but it’s mine.

In preparation for Zwift, I’ve been trying to build a budget setup so I can participate and enjoy the Zwift community. Now I’m needing some advice and recommendations to help get me going.

First thing, below is a list of equipment that I have available for my Zwift setup if needed. Please let me know if one setup works better than another. Sorry, no smart trainer yet.

-Giant Roam 2 Disc. Tires are 700x38

-Cycleops Jet Fluid Pro trainer.

-Wahoo speed sensor

-Wahoo cadence sensor

-Wahoo TICKR X heart rate sensor

-LG 43” 4K Smart TV. Bought specifically for Zwift

-IPad Pro 128gb

-iPhone 8

-Apple tv 4th gen. Not 4K.

With this equipment, what is the optimal setup to avoid connection and equipment issues? What tire size should I choose on Zwift since mine are not listed.

After initially setting it up, some of the issues I experienced were,

-Inaccurate speed

-Inaccurate wattage

-Showing wattage and cadence but no speed and no movement.

-Avatar continuing on even though I’m not even on the bike.

-tire slippage detected even though the tire wasn’t rotating.

I know this setup won’t be perfect but I would like it to be consistent. Today was my last free day of Zwift and I’m a little hesitant to spend money on it if I can’t get at least some reliable data and movement. For the moment, I believe my biggest issue is proper tire size data. Can anyone give me some advice? Thanks!