New to Zwift - FTP Increase

Hi everyone,

Newbie here!! So, apologies for the stupid question!

I did an initial FTP test a couple of weeks ago when I joined and after today’s activity I was notified that my FTP has increased - is this normal/expected behaviour?



Hi @Mark_Lloyd2, welcome to the forums!

This is good news, you are getting stronger! Zwift will detect an FTP increase if you are putting out more power over 20 minutes than your previously set FTP.

Yes very normal, when you first start cycling you will find FTP increases can be quite big for the first few months but then level out unless you continue to do training plans to improve.

Thank you for the reply - I was just a bit concerned that it had jumped it up!!!

Thank you. That makes sense, as I don’t expect to keep increasing at this rate!

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