New to racing and having a problem with missing result

I am new to racing and looking for some help solving a problem.

My second race in the current AusCycling series has me listed as UPG. So I figure I need to upgrade next time from D to C but it wont give me a result for the second race.

This has not happened to anyone I know who races so I thought I would send it out for help.

I do have a result for the first race.

Welcome to the forums @James_Jordan_CCC and congrats on the bump to Cat C!

You wont get a “result” with a UPG as that’s effectively a disqualification, but you can see where you would have finished via the Unfiltered view as below …


Well that sucks. Even worse I was beaten by a mate who did .2 w/kg less than me. Need to get better at keeping in the front bunch at the start of the race.

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