New (to me) Error message

I’m unable to log into Zwift, getting the following error message (see attached). Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Have you not used Zwift for.a while? I suspect you’re on the old launcher, which doesn’t work any more. Try deleting and reinstalling Zwift.


No need to delete the whole game, just run the installer again and it will overwrite the launcher without touching the game. Takes a matter of seconds.

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It’s been a while - injury, surgery, recovery, now recuperating. Got green light from surgeon to start getting “back into it”, so I’m excited to get back into shape.

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Thx, Dave - sounds easy, will run installer tonite when I get home from work.

PS: Looks like you’re on Windows 7. In the new year Zwift are ending support for 7 and 8, it won’t run at all unless you have Windows 10 or 11. It’s free and easy to upgrade, you need to start considering doing so.

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Good idea - thanks for the heads up. I use this PC for Zwift and the Internet, but I’ll be sure to upgrade shortly. What’s the “free and easy” way to do this?

Try here: Download Windows 10

If you’re able to run Windows 7 then 10 will run fine.

The leap from 10 to 11 isn’t so simple.

I’ll send you a PM. :+1:

Dave, send me one, need to ask you a question but you’re set to private