New team needs riders

We’re a brand new team, currently with 12 riders. We are looking for riders of all levels, but we are especially looking for beginners to race in Cat C or D. The team name: NTS Team (Not Too Strong). On the page go to Teams and then put NTS Team in the search window. When you open our team page, click on the Join button. Or click the link below.
We’re not about being the fastest team on the planet or in Zwift. We’re all about racing together, having fun and helping each other to improve. We LOVE the beginners! If this sounds like your kind of place, we’d love to have you.
NTS Team roster

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Good luck,

It’s worth setting up a facebook and/or discord server for team communication you can add this to you team about you page on zwiftpower

Do you guys have discord? Tnx. :slightly_smiling_face:

they do yes, NTS³