New sounds

Anyone tell me what new bleep noise is i dont see anything happening on screen but is frequent .What am i missing

You might have to give more detail about the circumstances you are hearing this.

I bet it is the close the gap noise, it beeps when it appears and again when it disappears. Sound a bit like a video call ending.

Hugely annoying if you ask me.

Game sounds can be muted while still keeping the world sounds

Thats it nothing seemed to happen on screen but thats the noise :grin: i will keep an eye out for close the gap banner

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Also not a huge fan of the close the gap; particularly due to how often it occurs, in fact… it’s ENTIRELY because of how often it occurs that I hate it.

Not to mention it took me about two weeks to figure out what it even was…

It’s an unnecessary noise, and could have better interpretation than random bleeps.


I wonder how many people actually have game sounds on once they know how to turn them down/off?

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