New Riding Jersey

I have 4 more (very long) Route Rides to finish and I will have completed all the Route Ride Badges. This has taken me 4 months to do. I would like Zwift to create a New Jersey for those who complete all of the riding routes in Zwift. Is this possible?

Considering it took 4 years for Zwift to add info on which routes you’ve already ridden, I’d say possible, with an estimated implementation delay of 23 years.


The trouble is this:- what happens when Zwift introduces new courses and subsequently new routes? Do you have the jersey taken back off you until you complete the additions?


Yes; if there are new routes you would lose it until you complete them again. That might not be easy to implement, but could be popular.

How about a Tron helmet or jersey for people who’ve done all the route badges?