New ride saved to old filename

I rode the Tour of London Stage 5 yesterday (21/12), I noticed it hadn’t been uploaded to Strava.
When I look on myZwift and download the file, it has the same file name as the Stage 3 ride that I did on 17/12. Hence Strava thought it was a duplicate file.
Even if I rename it, Strava still says it’s a duplicate.
The details for each of the rides are on myZwift and Zwift companion app, but I can’t export it.

If you have an account with another gps mapping fitness site, like Mapmyride or RideWithGPS or Endomondo etc, you could upload your Stage 5 file there and confirmit that it isn’t a duplicate of the Stage 3 ride. If it isn’t, try re-downloading it from the other site and upload that to strava.

Thanks - Interestingly it didn’t auto-upload to Garmin Connect either. I can see it as separate on Zwift. I don’t have any other connected apps.