New release November - Cant scroll to routes in Watopia

Mac just downloaded latest release and this is what happens. Hopefully this can get fixed ASAP.

Are you not able to scroll at all? Even with a mouse/trackpad or the arrow keys? Or is it just the scroll bar that does not work.

There was no scrollbar … its gone AWOL… :frowning_face:


Sara Lance

I think you are experiencing this issue: Route selection scroll bar missing on Windows [October 2021] [1.18.0]. But on Mac now…

Wait a minute. So Zwift has released an update that has added an existing bug on one platform to another? I wonder if they fixed the scroll bug on Windows. Surely, this is new low point for Zwift.

Anyway, I found I could scroll using a trackpad on Mac. Up/down keys don’t work. Clicking and holding on the list and dragging up or down also works.

Version 1.18.2 MacBook Air

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