New problems since the game update, ERG, Climb gradients

Since the last game update, I have had two separate problems with Zwift.
I am using Apple TV4K to connect, not ZCA.
Kickr18/Kickr Climb.
Favero Assioma Duo pedals (controlling the Kickr via the Wahoo app, not ZCA).

Since the latest game update, at times ERG will either not give enough resistance or give too much.
It happened today during a workout, so I had to end it, disconnect etc then start the workout again. Things were fine after that, This has happened several times recently. A friend who uses a Kickr Snap (not pedals) has had the same issues.

After today’s workout, I ended the ride, uploaded etc. then chose to ride the “Ticktock” route.
My Kickr Climb followed the gradient changes early on the route, but from midway to the end it was not responding to what was on the screen and just going up and down randomly. Resistance however, was appropriate for the indicated gradient. It was the climb that didn’t respond correctly, the Kickr did (this is a known issue when using the ZCA to pair and selecting a PM as power source & Kicks as controllable, this is not the case, I seleted via ATV the Kickr as power source & controllable).

Have any of you had similar issues?

Please don’t answer if you are one of the Zwift apologists who just posts that you’ve never had these (or any other) problems and that it must be me or my equipment.
I did not have either of these problems before the update.