New Powerup: Suitcase of Courage!

To honor the late, great Paul Sherwin, how about a “Suitcase of Courage” power-up?

I realize that there are existing power-ups that cover drafting, climbing, etc. What could be added that is different?

Digging deep into one’s suitcase of courage generally meant “hanging on for dear life” to either make it over a climb, or not get dropped from a group. In Zwift (using my real weight, I might add), I often find myself at the back of a group struggling to stay in contact as everyone sprints up the climb. I dig deep to stay in contact, but with no suitcase of courage by my side or in game, I’m inevitably dropped.

How could it be implemented? Well, beyond the obvious icon, I would suggest it be available for a rider that is receiving the “Close the gap” message. It’s effect or usage could perhaps be extended beyond the current 3m range (I think this is limit, no?) for this message to appear. It does not have to be on a climb (covered already by the feather) and could not be used to breakaway (already the aero power-up).

Alternate or additional implementation: What motivation is there to use your real weight in the game? A sense of honesty? Fear of getting caught? The suitcase of courage could be implemented with a power boost that is proportional to your weight…squared. A small counterbalance to the drive to underreport weight, but a little something for those who are heavier and/or use their real weight.