New minimap zoom level

(Porthos Woofs ODZ (D)) #1

On the PC for the past while (today Feb 27) the ‘new’ mini map zoom level has been zoomed much further out than previously (when the new mini map was introduced).

I find on the new level of zoom, while I see lots more of the roads, I can’t tell where the riders in my group are on the road.

The change to the mini map seemed to me to be done to let us see where riders in group rides / fondos / races and it worked that way well. Now it no longer does that at all.

I can’t make out at all where riders in my group/race/fondo are any longer on the newest zoomed out map.

(Scott) #2

Good news. The mini map actually has four views. Just move your mouse over it and click to change the zoom to the view that you prefer.

(Colleen Kirk) #3

Thank you.

Might you folks put up a change log or such when you make changes like this - so the community can know when they happen…

(Nigel Doyle) #4

Bit hard to move your mouse when you’re riding your bike. You should be able to change the view from the ZML.