New Island Features

So I hear you are building a new island (6/4 Twitter post),

A couple of recommendations from me


  1. Bridges (over lakes/rivers), Tunnels through the mountains and hairpins (alpe d’huez style!

  2. More dynamic scenery - waterfalls, forests

  3. Ride through a game reserve - include animals (especially giraffes!) moving alongside you

  4. Cobblestone sections

  5. A banked corner (Before you build a real velodrome)

  6. More buildings / hamlets and towns to ride through with names

  7. Include cycling graffiti on the the roads - tour de france style

  8. Include more spectators on the sides (especially el diablo)

  1. Include cycle art forms on the side of the road - like the tour

  1. A warm up circuit prior to entering the island

I totally dig ideas 4, 7, 8 & 9.  How cool would it be to have some of the graffiti with your name as an achievement?

I was just thinking that Duane, graffiti could change to the names of the online riders with the fastest times on the climb.