New iPad Pro 2021 - black screen [1.13.0] [May 2021] [SOLVED]

Same for us on 2 iPad pros 11” 2021 versions

Today I have the answer from Zwift support like this

Hi Naokki,

Thank you for reaching out to us today.

There is a known issue with the newest M1 powered iPads. Zwift are working on this issue and hope to have it resolved with an update soon.

Posted by Kev H
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Received same message from Zwift yesterday

Same problem here. 2021 iPad Pro 12.9”. Just arrived Friday. Perhaps the micro-LED display or the M1 chip is the problem. I see stats and riders listed but the ride itself is blank and black. Same thing when just watching.

Its not the micro-LED display. I am having the same issue on the 11 inch version which doesn’t have that display. Whatever it is, I hope they patch it soon and hopefully they’ll make good use of the insane power of the M1 chip inside :slightly_smiling_face:

Hey all - our engineers - specifically our GPU experts - are aware and working on it. Just to set expectations - version 1.13.1 for iOS is nearly finished, and will have fixes for other issues, but not this one. The fix for this issue is expected in a subsequent release.


You’re cute when you appear to be naive… :rofl: :rofl:


Same here new iPad Pro m1 black screen

I have the same issue

Happen the same to me too.

I’m waiting zwift to fix the problem ! It’s nice time to bike outside hopefully!

UPDATE: we’ve found the root cause for this bug. I’ll follow up again when this patch is live. Thanks for your patience - we know you’re eager to Zwift on your awesome new iPads!


^as I was saying… :wink:

Brilliant. Really looking forward to the solution!

Are you going to allow the new iPad higher quality graphics? I’m sure it can handle it.


Same issue here.

Yep me too

Also just got the new iPad Pro 12.9 5th Gen and was gutted when Zwift display was largely black as described in other posts. Really hoping a fix is issued soon.

Same issue with me too. @zwift please fix this asap.