New iPad Pro 2021 - black screen [1.13.0] [May 2021] [SOLVED]

I have today just received the new iPad Pro 2021 with the m1 chip. When launching Zwift I get all of the data fields but non of the moving graphics of the relevant Zwift or riders appear…I suspect it is something to do with the new graphics drive in the new iPad not being compatible with the software.


There isn’t presently a native M1 app for Zwift, on the M1 macOS devices it runs via emulation in Rosetta. Quite surprised it even installed.

So does that mean I can’t use zwift on my new iPad - I am not really tehcnal enough to understand what rosetta is etc.?

I think it’s very unlikely it won’t work after they’ve put a new patched version out but there’s clearly an issue right now. I have the same issue.

Rosetta etc. applies to M1 Macs, not iPads or iPhones.

That’s the point though. To my knowledge there isn’t a version of Zwift which runs on M1 devices without emulation. Not sure if that is relevant on iPadOS, admittedly.

Confirm I have the same issue on my new IPad Pro. Guess there’s a compatibility issue with the M1 across the board at the mo

Yes it looks like this…

I thought that existing iPad apps were just supposed to work as-is on the M1 iPad? The OS is the same, this isn’t like the M1 Macs where there was a major architecture change

It does sound like a weird incompatibility issue.

You’re thinking too much of the Mac, which has been Intel until it switched to M1.

Both existing iPads and the new M1 iPad use the same instruction set - ARM v8.

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I stand corrected, said the man in the orthopaedic shoes.

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I installed the Zwift App on my new iPad PRO 11 inch that arrived today (with the M1 chip) and the video is not showing. I see the menus and hear sound but the main video is all black (i.e. the bike/course/riders, none of that is visible)

I reported it to Zwift and they are investigating. Does anyone experience a similar issue?


Everyone - thanks for flagging this up. We really appreciate the screengrabs so we can see what you’re seeing.

Our team is investigating. We’ll update this thread as we uncover issues.


This is exactly what is happening to me. Thanks for including the screen grab.

Same issues on my new iPad Pro…

Hello, i have a new 2021 iPad Pro 11 inch which arrived today. Zwift is loading up and I can log in and pair up with no problem but when I go ride, there is only a black screen where the scenery and avatars are. The other windows are all present so I can see power, HR, distance,etc and the map and other zwifters nearby windows are there just not my avatar or anything else. Am I doing something wrong or is this one of the iOS issues that the new update seems to have? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

Yep same issue here. Gutted

Same problem here on new IPAD Pro 12,9 inch

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Same issue for me, back to the s20, hope its fixed soon

Having exactly the same issues as others have described: I see all the data fields but graphics are just black screen. I am using the new 2021 iPad Pro, 12.9, 1tb with 16gb ram.

Was very excited to try out Zwift on the new iPad. Infact Zwift is the reason I got the larger screen. Hope this gets fixed soon!