New iPad and Companion, did I buy too old/small?

I bought a gen 9 iPad to replace a dead Air 2, and have noticed that some notifications and screens seem to lag from a second to as many as 3 or 4. It does work, but for some reason in the middle of a ride, the lag is far more noticeable. I don’t remember it happening as much on the Air 2.

The 9th gen has the A13, with the 10th gen having the A14 Apple Silicon chip. Is there that much of a difference in them, or am I looking for a problem. My concern is longevity. If it’s noticeable in the 9th gen already, how long will it last.

Anyone else seeing lags with a gen 9 iPad using Companion?

BTW: Apple wanted opinions on making them better. I said ‘FULL CARBON BABY!!!’. :laughing: :sunglasses: