New ipad 2019

Hi all. I’m new to this. It’s a basic question really. After looking at the specs for using zwift on an app based device.
Will it work on the new 2019 iPad 10.1.
As the specifications does not say what year of models of iPad’s etc it works on.
It does not work on my ipad 4. Haha. (Maybe too old)
Any advice welcome. Thanks in advance :smiley:

I bought a new iPad in October, and it’s running fine on that. That said, until then, I’d been running it on a 2011 iPad mini. I don’t know what model that was, but it’s pretty old, and except for being small, was just fine. Good luck, and Ride On.

Thank you very much, now to find that money tree :moneybag::moneybag::pound::pound::pound:. Happy riding

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