New Home Screen Update [September 2022]

This new interface on appletv is PITA
Just want to select training peaks and go
Please give me option to go back to the simple Home Screen.


Needs a tile for planned training session - Click on it and it takes you into the World with training session ready to go.

1 Click and you are off - That would be a move in the right direction.

Currently, click world, route, ride, menu, workout, try to land on training peaks, workout, back and then off you go.

Go on, any chance of someone in zwift talking us through how this is user friendly?


Big thank you to the ATV dev team for the new home screen! Just got the roll-out and really appreciate the improved functionality and navigation with the remote! Well done!


Hey Randy - we’re still working through some compatibility issues on certain Intel HD GPU’s so anybody accessing the game with that hardware will still receive the legacy UI. The team is currently working to address these last couple hardware compatibility issues.

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This is exactly my feeling.
Who tests this before rollout?

Our ATv just updated and my wife is not very happy with it. She has been following one of the 12 week training plans (10 weeks into it now) but there doesn’t seem to be anyway for her to continue with her plan using the new interface. Her progress shows up correctly within the companion app but for the life of us we can’t figure out a way to start the next workout. Help!

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Agree, spent ages the other day and still have no idea how i found my workout

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I still cant get mine to update. Its stuck with swirling updating icon wjth no.% i been staring at it for an hour. Im on tv apple account

The font “smoothing” is appalling. Fonts just look like an 80’s 8bit c64 game, not nice and smooth. This is Apple TV 4K with medium scaling set running on a 32" Screen, outputting 1080p

Over all, I’ve been dreading this day when had the new Home Screen rolled out, and my fears have been realised. It’s a change for teh worse, so MANY MANY more clicks just to do a ride sigh.

Dear Zwift,

I ride almost everyday, and I think I’m using the new Home Screen for a week now.

Before I started Zwift I felt freedom, when I wanted to do a ride, I just clicked ride and by randomization I was zapped in a world of that day on a random selected course. (Did there my warmup before my event) Sometimes I wanted to do a selected course (yes it was a pain to select the course with ATV) and choose for it, but all the other times it was a surprise and it felt I could go everywhere

But now I live in check-boxes. It feels that my free ride is gone. Or I directly have to go to the starting pen of the event. (Closed world) select a pacepartner (which is nice-ish but feels also like a game-level) or I have to choose a world and a route, to do the “free ride”

I mis my surprise, the freedom the randomization.

Today it feels for me as a computer game where I have to select a level before playing the game.
Before it felt as an open world like GTA-ish, where I could just hop on my bike till my likings.

While being able to hit ride and just go was much better and sadly missed it wasn’t entirely random.

It would remember the last route you rode on each world, so when you hit ride, whichever world was chosen at the top you would just ride the last route you did on the world.

Which is actually great if you happen to have a favorite route in each world.

I did say

I’d like to know the timeline to eliminate the legacy workout screen. Right now the new model is simply wallpapered over the old menu. This only adds extra clicks. It is waste of processing for the users in return for some visual tiles. The sort/filter screen certainly has utility, but it is VERY clunky. I am assuming the future state is to click the workout tile and the right sidebar opens with a description and “start ride” button… but are we going to be dealing with the current state for weeks? Months? More?


About the only thing I like so far on the new UI on the laptop is being able to choose any non-race only route in any world with relative ease, when starting a workout.

Even though it’s a smaller screen, I’m happy with the old UI on my android phone for other riding.

Is iOS update still on a staggered roll out? 1 of 4 family accounts (a child one) with the legacy home screen… a bit confusing to find anything, as I’m used to the new layout from my profile.



Yes, some iOS devices will see the new home screen while others will see the legacy UI. We anticipate all iOS devices to get the new UI by the end of the year.

I am trying to navigate the new Homescreen on a Windows PC.
How do you side scroll the lines with the rides without using a keyboard, just with touchpad? I would like not to have a whole keyboard in front of me just for navigating the UI with the arrow keys.

Click and drag, do you have a wireless mouse?

does your touchpad support gestures? usually two fingers and swiping scrolls left and right