New Home Screen Update [September 2022]

@Damned_Yankee Thank you for sharing! As you get a chance to try out the new home screen experience (which is available for all Apple TV users as of today), we hope you’ll see improvements in Apple TV remote scrolling in experiences like Pace Partners, Workouts, and in the Garage. You should generally be able to use the directional buttons to “click” navigate – you can “swipe” as well, but personally I’m not as comfortable with those gestures yet and prefer clicking.

I have the old style remote which is “swipe” only and this doesn’t seem any better than it was with the old UI.

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I can confirm that issue too. It was almost impossible for me to select a spesific workout, it took me a couple of minutes.

I use the same remote and I agree with you, there is no improvement. For me “swipe” is the natural way to navigate on a ATV and it works very well in the Apple GUI.

Sometimes the click navigation doesn’t work for a specific wiget. Like when scrolling through training plan workouts. In this case, it seems like the scrolling is required. But, in these cases, the scroll behavior is very poor - almost entirely unusable.

Just pointing out that the lead post to this string recommends against upgrading to tv iOS16. Are you now changing that recommendation??

No change in tvOS version recommendations from me specifically – please refer to this post for discussion on tvOS 16:

Sorry if I’m being a little slow here. At the top of this string it says don’t upgrade, yet the one you’ve linked says the tv iOS issue is ‘Solved’. So which is it: don’t upgrade or it’s safe to upgrade because the issue is solved?

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The OP links to the solution.

Edit: ah, I see what you mean. OP in this thread needs updating to match the main thread.

That’s right, thanks @Dave_ZPCMR! I’ll see if I can update that earlier post.

(Edit: I updated the original post in this thread.)

Yes, you’re right - Training Plans (now labeled as “Plans” in the new Workout experience) are still using the older legacy interface which is definitely difficult to navigate with the Apple TV remote. I’ve found that I can navigate through Training Plans via the directional pad, but I do have to click the down/up arrows twice to go up and down.

If you’re referring to standard Workouts though (e.g. things like Emily’s Short Mix), those received a major UI overhaul and you should be able to see it today if you weren’t in the earlier rollout group. The new Workout experience looks like this:

@Erik_Schumacher_MIN If you hadn’t already received it, you should have access to the new Workouts experience today. This should be much easier to navigate than the previous “accordion”-style user experience, but do let us know if you’re having issues with the new Workouts experience as well.

Just tried it out and what a much better experience! Only trouble I still have is trying to adjust my FTP setting when choosing a workout, found it tough to make smaller 5-6w adjustments.


swipe or tap should both work. If you tap the direction on the swipe part of the remote

First ride with new home screen on Apple TV.

Only thought is it seems to have taken several more button pushes than usual to just ride.

Also, perhaps coincidentally, the Companion app won’t link up. :man_shrugging:t2: same as usual, same WiFi, airplane mode, companion app just sits there on the main screen, no matter how long I wait or how many times I restart it.

I’ll play with the new interface after my ride and circle back with my thoughts.

edit: The Companion app works fine. Coincidentally, my iPhone switched WiFi networks I have since disabled auto join for that guest network. My mistake! :sweat_smile: :bowing_man:

So I logged in and played w/the home screen. I didn’t have any particular issue w/the older one. The new one is different, mostly prettier one could say. Once you know where everything is, it’s okay. I’m not terribly picky. That said:

  • What is the sort order for the pace bots? It would be nice if they were ascending/descending by w/kg, or at least by name. As it is now, I saw something like C, D, D, D, C, B, A, C, etc… I couldn’t discern a method to the madness.

  • I’m using 1st gen AppleTV 4K and remote. Movement seemed slower/clunkier. This could be due to my having changed the sensitivity for the previous interface combined w/changes made to the new interface. I’ll have to adjust sensitivity and give another test drive.

  • It’s still the same old workout selection interface (not so great for Apple TV remote users) once you get a few clicks in which is in need of some refresh, both a facelift and functionally, to go w/the new Home Screen.

I don’t see the log out button on the top right of the home page on my ATV like I do on my macbook’s Zwift app. My wife and I both use Zwift and looks like once you’ve selected one account, there’s no way to go back and select the other account without “swiping up” to completely close out the app (ie, you can’t just hit the back button as the app re-opens from the ATV home screen with the previously selected user’s profile). Am I missing something?

I have a 55" TV right in front of me, so “extra small” scaling is absolute fine. But why is the settings menu staying the same size? I mean, all the options could be shown easily without scrolling. There´s plenty of space left on the screen.


Hi @evan-zwift I think you’ve made a significant improvement to the AppleTV platform with the changes to the RCU, so thank you for that. I’ve not used the new UI much yet, but one immediate RCU related thing (Siri Remote v2) that I’ve noticed is that the buttons do not auto repeat. So scrolling down a list, for example the list of routes, means clicking multiple times or swiping.

Press/hold for key repeat seems like an omission, as this works in other apps on the platform, so can we expect this to appear in a release soon? Thanks.


The ability to logout via the home screen on Apple TV is already coded and coming in the next release!



When will the “rollout” be complete for Windows Users? I still am on the legacy home screen even after Zwift has updated to the latest version. I thought this was supposed to be complete literally months ago.