New Group Ride Function. A few quick thoughts

(. Scott McVeigh ZSUN) #1

I have riden in many group rides.



The new starting line is a great addition allowing us to warm up and keep spinning is even better. I like how you live in your own little bubble while in the ride. You only see nearby riders of people in the group. Group texting while in the group is good, that it is easier to chat among the group. The new feature that teleports you to the start line. IMPORTANT -  your previous miles and time you have ridden DOES get saved as a separate starve ride. (Good or bad you decide)


When I first logged in 1 hour early. I wanted to ride for an hour before the group ride. This is where the problems started. You only see nearby riders who also are in the same group ride you will be doing in the future. I think this is bad. I should be able to chat and see who is near me. I am constantly looking to see who is near me so I can speed up or slow down to join them.

I am not sure how this will work. But for those who do NOT join the group when they enter. They are NOT in the group ride and can not chat with us. So if they either come in a few seconds late, or want to join a ride after they have ridden for an hour or two they can not without stopping and saving their ride and logging back in. Also this same bubble I mentioned earlier will not allow you to chat with your friends during your group ride if they re just riding a normal ride. You should be able to talk to both riders in and out of your group.

Overall it is much better than what it was and I am sure Zwift is working on more still. Just thought I would give you my feedback to let you know.




(Oscar Kilo) #2

Great idea and I thought it was going to work perfectly for me today, but that wasn’t the case…

I showed up early, I joined the group, everything is going well. I realize I can slowly start to warm up while at the starting line as the “ghost trainer” appears. Countdown to the start appears and I’m still slowly riding the “ghost trainer”, then the start clock goes to zero and everyone takes off…except me. My person on screen is not moving forward despite the fact that I was still pedaling. I stopped spinning for a few moments and started again, but my person on screen wouldn’t move.

Since I wanted to get back with the group, I quickly logged out, discarded the ride, jumped back in-game and tried to catch the group only to realize I couldn’t get back into the original starting group (Scott made note of this above my post).

Assume this is something simple, but if the ghost trainer is causing an issue with the start of the mass ride, possibly look to disable it somewhere around 30 seconds prior to a mass start.

Looks like a great feature, especially to start a group ride. I just wish I could have fully taken part in it today.

Love the program, keep the updates coming!


(Duane Gran [Vision]) #3

I haven’t been able to do an event ride with the new system yet, but I’m just speculating that it might be ideal to have the Strava file for the warm up posted as private.  Personally I wouldn’t want that warm up published out there, but it isn’t a hardship for me to manually mark it as private afterward.

(Lindsay Ruppert) #4

Thank you very much for all the feedback!

We released a patch update yesterday to address a few of the problems noted above, most notably the riders nearby list will not start filtering until after you have loaded into the event paddock.

@Scott - I understand your desire to chat with your friends, but if they are not in the event you are in, you will be limited to seeing chat from riders in the event. We worked very hard to get this functionality in place, and will not be altering it. However, we don’t want to cut you off from chatting with your friends, which is why private messages will always come through while riding in Zwift, no matter what a user’s event status is.

@Oscar - Can you please open a support ticket and provide the log file from your ride with it? You should have been released with all the other users at the event start, and we’ll need a closer look to figure out why you got stuck on the pier. Thanks!

@Duane - We have discussed putting a minimum distance limiter on the warm-up upload to Strava to prevent people’s feeds being bombarded with short activity lengths. It didn’t make it in yet, but is still a possibility for future updates. 

(M. McIntire (ECC,PAC)) #5

 I’ve used the group ride feature twice now.  The first ride I was able to easily keep up, and it was a happy experience.  The virtual trainer and filtered riders list are nice features.

 The 2nd ride, while being a good training ride, was not near as much fun.  In fact, it was a real downer.  A friend and I were trapped in a ride that went faster than advertised.  I know this is normal, so really no big deal.  I expected to last 1, maybe 2 laps.  The big bummer was that we weren’t able to exit the group event to go happily on our way to explore other parts of the island.   So here are a few requests for your consideration:

As a social rider, I would like the ability to abandon a group ride when I am dropped (or at any time), so I have the freedom to explore other parts of the course with other riders I find along the way.  I find this to be a very enjoyable way to ride indoors.

As a rider with potential technical challenges, I would like the ability to stop, fix the issue, then u-turn to re-group with the group/event pack on the next loop.  I’ve had to switch bikes mid-ride before when I forgot I was on a TT-bike.

As a group sweeper, I would like the ability to u-turn to grab slower riders.  (ok, I haven’t been an official sweeper yet, but I have gone back to pull up my friends).  :slight_smile:

As a Zwift advocate for my local club, I would like the ability to see/chat with my newbie club members (or other riders) if they join Zwift late and are not part of the group/event.  I haven’t found the private message feature on the desktop app, and when I was in a group ride, I did not see my friends on other parts of the course to do a private message.  I currently use a 2nd mobile device to see them in sneek-a-peek, or go to my profile to see my connected friends. 

As a Strava user, I would like the ability to count miles before/after the group ride in a single Strava activity.  I almost want the virtual trainer miles…  :wink:

As a group rider who doesn’t want to get trapped in an event, I would like the ability to see the group/event chatter so I know when to start.  I haven’t actually tried this yet to see how it will work, but I think this requirement is needed.

I love the app, love the group rides, love that you guys are making enhancements and fixing issues.

Keep up the great work!

(Steve Fikar (ECC)) #6

I agree wholeheartedly with all of Maria’s points. I especially want to emphasize the need for the ride leader to keep the speed at the advertised w/kg. This last ride was way above what was posted.

Also, I had a slight problem with being left behind on the start like Oscar because I was on my trainer as the countdown hit zero. I think I just stopped pedaling to get rid of the trainer and then I was able to move OK after that.

Finally, overall this is a great new feature. Thanks for the improvements.

(Andrew Jarrod) #7

I wonder if Virtual Ride Leaders would be a good idea ?  As we all know human ones are incapable of containing their desire to go faster than advertised.

You could have a RED Ghost rider that litterally rides at the specified group pace with all the associated RL badges and icons.

Then rides could also be scheduled automatically (if no riders join the group is abandoned).

(Mikael Jonsson) #8

Q:  your previous miles and time you have ridden DOES get saved as a separate starve ride.

I “think” i have turned that feature off? If so, anybody nows how and were to turn it on again?



(Richard Charles (PACK)) #9

Hi there, is it possible to set-up a group ride in something like ‘private mode’ so for example a group of junior riders could train/ride togetherwithin their club?

(Lindsay Ruppert) #10

Mikael - This is a built in feature, it cannot be turned off, but keep in mind that any pre-event activity that is under 2 km is not pushed out to Strava, Training Peaks, or other partner connections.

Richard - Currently Zwift does not have this functionality, but it is planned!

(Richard Charles (PACK)) #11

Lindsay - thanks for the feedback. Any idea on timeline?