New FTP now can't keep up

Not sure what my issue is.
I’m a C rider. I got bored of the group rides and did a few weeks of GCN videos from you tube with zwift running to log the data and tell me my cadence, etc. It gave me at least one FTP bump.

Now I’m getting dropped or struggling more on rides I used to slightly outpace the beacon. Same with Coco, I struggled to catch up in the 5 second window and restarted it. But I almost never got out of green at the bottom.

The only thing I can think of (other than I’m a slob,) is that the FTP bump makes the system think I can do more.

Or the trainer is out of calibration. I’ve never had success with that.

Your FTP will not affect your experience in the game at all in the way you describe. It just sets your zones for workouts. It must be calibration, unless you got less fit

You’re not on a TT bike, are you? Or a gravel or MTB? TTbikes can’t draft, and the gravel/MTBs are slower on the road.

Simply compare an older ride with a newer. Are your average watts or avg w/kg significantly or noticeably different?

What sort of trainer are you using? Wheel-on trainers are very sensitive to setup, e.g. tyre pressure and roller tension.

It’s a road Cannondale on a Kinetic trainer.
I looked and found and old thread where apparently I had a similar issue and recalibrated it. So maybe I just need to do that. And remember my prior issues!

I think he meant your virtual bike, in-game. If you’re not on a road bike there it will indeed slow you significantly compared to the rest of the pack

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Nah, it’s a road bike in the game. It’s always a road bike in the game. :joy:

Do you calibrate for every ride?
I have a Kinetic too and I find that it is very sensitive to tire pressure and room temp.
I Zwift in the garage so the temp tends to fluctuate depending on weather.

No, I probabaly should. Mine’s the basement so it’s cool but a stable temperature and since I don’t take the bike outside much this time of year, it’s pretty much get on and ride. After fighting the connections and WiFi.

I found that if the current riding temp is warmer than the temp when I last calibrated, the trainer reads high.

If it is cooler than the temp of the last calibration, then it reads low.