New Firmware soon?

Looks like the Volt has auto spin down available in the December firmware update. Hopefully will see an update for us soon!

Except it doesn’t work properly.

A number of Volt users (myself included) were getting crazy performance from the v3 Firmware and have had to toll back pending a fix.

In my case, all was fine, until there was a sequence of reasonable gradient changes in quick succession (such as at the start of Richmond Reverse), which left me unable to generate any power on screen that even vaguely resembled what I was actually putting out on the bike.

Works fine again after the rollback so it was clearly the firmware update that was at fault. So … back to manual calibration for the time being.

I saw a few posts on people having issues with the Volt update. I was guessing Zwift was seeing how that played out first. :slight_smile:

I was under the impression that Zwift had developed their own firmware for the Hub, so any issues with Volt updates should be irrelevant, surely?

I expect they bought the firmware with the hardware. Developing a new firmware ground up would be a massive undertaking. I don’t know if its mutual going forwards. Either way I would look at the effect a change the ‘other side’ pushed out before considering a similar one, if it didn’t go to plan. :slight_smile:

this is correct, a Zwift staffer confirmed it last fall on the forums.

I would expect modified from the Volt firmware version to include specifics for Zwift. I would be totally shocked if it was a ground up fresh firmware. I used to write a lot of those types of things years ago and they wasn’t quick to do. If we could take the base source that someone had written for the device and modify it, it was certainly quicker.

Not that it really matters. :slight_smile: