New "fence" feature on group rides

In the Herd, we use a google sheet that’s shared with Zwift Events, the same as the Dimension Data Zwift Academy. I make my changes on this sheet. Does Events have a recommendation on how to specify fence parameters?

I have cancelled my membership until I can be assured this matter is sorted.

I’ve heard from Tim Wu, who’s our primary contact with Events that The Herd has a standard setup. Since we’re part of the automated posting system, I’m fine with that.

Actual :rofl:

I think this elimination from social rides is a stupid and dictatorial feature. The “flyers” didn´t hurt anybody. Usually a group of about 5-10 people went up front as a runaway group and stayed together until the finish (just as it often happens in real cycling, btw). This way stronger people could get decent training while participating in sub 2 rides, which are the most rides beginning at 7 or 8 pm. Not everything has to streamlined to the max, give people some leeway.


I’m curious. Can’t people still do that? The fence doesn’t prevent that group of 5-10 people from riding off the front and staying together, does it?

It seems like the fence is showing that if you get far in front of the ride leader, you’re no longer doing the ride leader’s ride.

O yes, People can still group up and ride off into the sunset, the only difference is they will not be in the event anymore. The fence help that those that do want to ride with the group don’t get pulled along.

Sorry but again you are not being accurate to my knowledge the slow riders behind the fence are still being booted off.

That is a bug that Zwift is trying to find fix and kill. In the latest update they made changes to the fence so this is happening less often.
That is not the intend of the fence. The fence was made so that groups can stay together so that there are less people off the back.

I am not sure what rides this is still happening on but the one I have participated in recently do not seem to have that issue.
There have several been times I have been off the back up to a minute behind and taken several minutes to get back and never had the notice to “return to group” from the back.
I notice you mentioned cancelling your subscription a while back, have you tried Zwift again recently or basing off previous experience?
I do the easier paced with my partner who recently joined and is getting familiar with it and there have been times we have fallen off the back of the group 4-5 minutes and ride the remaining 30-40 minutes together without being booted off so I think/hope for the most part the issue is resolved.

Yes I have suspended my membership; a few friends have advised that up to a few weeks ago the dumping of “slow” riders behind the fence (especially in London routes) was continuing. So as far as I can tell the “blip” continues.

I don’t really care either way, but don’t really understand the point of joining a group ride then pissing off up the road.

If you want to ride at your own pace, just ride on your own…

Maybe the fence could be more of a wall.
A barrier for those off the front and a safety net for those at the back.
If you do get off the back it can be very hard to get back to main group.
The net at the back would catch you and stop you from loosing touch with
the main group/group leader.
Another fun idea would be if you go through fence you would get put to the
back and then if you wanted to work harder you could move up to the front again.
(I think that is someone else idea)
Just some thoughts
“Ride On”

I rode in the SZR Summit Series © this morning that was advertised as a ~25 mile ride that would be a group ride and then a race up the big hill (London). Been riding outside all season so I had no idea what the organizer meant when he said stay behind the “fence “. At age 60 and 6’1” 180 lbs with 6 knee ops behind me (including dual replacements), I am by no means a whirlwind on these rides and usually spend the 2nd half in the middle of the pack behind the main blob. Anyway twice I found myself seeing the “return to group” warning when I flirted with the front of the pack. The 2nd time at the 10 mile mark I had just worked hard to get back to the main blob and My momentum along a flat took me to the front . Again I saw the “return to group “ warning (not really understanding what it meant),did slow down but there were a handful of riders in front of me. Then the riders in front me jerseys changed from the group jerseys to their individual ones and then about 10 seconds later so did mine and we were all dropped from the event . The rigidity of this was ridiculous as I was not far at all in front of the blob.

This is not a good feature at all, at least without a way larger margin of cushion, and will only serve to decrease the participation rate in events which in turn will for some steer riders away from using Zwift


Siehe meinen Beitrag vom 6. Oktober, dies ist der Grund:

I totally agree with you. Look at my thread in which I call the fence too harsch. I like the concept of the fence but this 1 minute doesn’t make any sense.

What is your FTP?

About 240 of 20 minutes

Mine is a little lower, estimated 215 watts on FTP.

Just my 2 cents, for riders with an FTP of lets say 280+ the effort of doing some 200 / 250 / 300 watts intervals is far more less than for someone with an FTP at around 220.
And this is what is actually happening sometimes during group rides, even the ones at sub 2 watt/kg. And to prevent these intervals in the back, you better try to stay in the front of the pack.

I would like to see the fence be changed to a rubber band. How does this sound? When you pass the beacon, the game makes your trainer’s resistance increase like on a climb. Maybe for every 2 seconds ahead you are, your trainer increases resistance to match a 2% grade. 4 seconds 4%. 10 seconds 10% grade, and so on…
And maybe if you fall off the back have the reverse happens 2 seconds back -2%. The numbers are just a thought, if thats too much, or not enough, then add or subtract. Does that sound better than getting booted? Or maybe having a friend get kicked out? Whachy’all think?