NEW FEATURE (LAP Button in the Companion)

NEW FEATURE (LAP Button in the Companion)

On most if now all GPS units it has a LAP button. This comes in very handy when you are feeling good and fancy doing some random over/under efforts are intervals. I use it lots on my way to work. I would be very handy if the Companion application or press the letter "L" for lap. You should then be able to get your LAP efforts and track improvements.

Laps are indeed a very handy function in training or not-programmed workouts. But i don’t feel the need (sorry!) to implement this in Zwift as it’s easy to do a U-turn and do a lap between fixed points already pointed out in different routes.

I make use of these when i’m going to interval. I’ts also easier as you pass the starting point and go as hard as you need/want and pass the finish point without touching any button. When you’re recovered make a U-turn and do it again. Just saying. That’s training, no?

Hi, great idea and point. This will not give you lap data if you wish to look at in in Zwift/Strava afterwards. So you can’t see power/cadence/heart efforts per interval. Unless I am missing something. This will also be the same out on the road.

Hi Tony,

You’re right about that. You would miss the data except time. My excuses.

I’m going to say now that it might be a good feature then. But i’ve to admit that when i do intervals or a specific training, i always use a workout method (with or without ERG). But i follow you when you are just freeriding in Zwift, you don’t have this feature, unless you use a 2nd (bike-)computer beside Zwift.

I did have a go with a bike computer & Zwift at the same time, but the Bluetooth/Ant+ keep dropping out. Sometimes your Avatar will move and then it stays still when you pedal, so I guess they are clashing. Thanks very much for your ideas and feedback. Hopefully the DEV team can add the LAP option i the future

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