New data requested: energy developed per session in Wh

Why don’t you indicate the total energy in Wh developed during a session? This is essential data that should ultimately be put forward more than the number of km in a session. Of course, we can calculate it with the average power and the time of the session, but it would be easier to indicate it directly.

Wh is some constant times calories or work done. Calories are output by Zwift for sure. Strava normally gives you work done as well (in kJ). So, you don’t even have to multiply your average power by the number of hours, you already have the total energy consumed or work done.

From my point of view, it’s more meaningfull to use Wh instead of calories, because we are talking of Watt for instantaneous power or avg power.
But, if I’m alone…
And it should be more highlighted, even more than the total km, because it counts elevation.
30 km with or without elevation are not the same.

Wouldn’t TSS be even a better metric to use. Most personal trainers use TSS.