New Course: Strava miles not counting

(Eric Welch) #1

I didn’t see a post with this yet, so thought I’d put it there.

When my ride uploaded to Strava, the miles aren’t counting towards my weekly miles. The ride is _not_ marked as a stationary ride, so I would expect them to count - as they have in the past.

Perhaps this is on purpose? Thanks,


(Will Ernst) #2

Interesting.  I did three laps this morning and show 17.4 miles on Strava for the ride.  It’s reflected in totals on group leaderboards but not my weekly goals.

(Eric Welch) #3

Correct, I see the same. Weekly goals are a bit more important to me than group leaderboards, so that was the first place I looked.

To be clear: the ride itself (and apparently leaderboards) are shown updated correctly, just not my weekly goals.


(Casey Schumm [X]) #4

I’m ok with the strava change.  My issue is the new island isn’t counting in my PMC charts on Training Peaks.   I would like to know how to fix training peaks.  I would rather not have to go back to uploading from my garmin and zwift for different tools.  


(Eric Welch) #5

Personally, I’d rather see the miles count towards my weekly goals (mileage and time spent) versus any leaderboards. I’d rather see how I compare to myself in previous weeks then get involved in any “those miles don’t really count” discussions. Belaboring the point here, sorry…

(Will Ernst) #6

I would assume it to be a Strava bug, not a change.  If anything I would think that Zwift miles would count toward your personal weekly goals but not be included in leaderboards or challenges.

Considering that Strava still allows BKool sim users’ rides to be included on segments I doubt this is a deliberate change though.

(Eric C. (Zwift HQ)) #7

Hi everyone, the time zone has changed for Watopia again. It’s currently Saturday at 5am there, so it’s in the future :slight_smile:

(Casey Schumm [X]) #8

Thanks Eric!

(Eric Welch) #9


(Brett Martin) #10

1hr in the past for East Coast of Australia

(Johnny RCCSFC (D)) #11

1 hr not bad… for me PST time… if I ride friday night…it’s a 10am saturday morning ride…next day

(Norman Wolfe) #12

I rode at around 3:00pm mountain time and it shows on Strava as riding at 7:30am Saturday for me. It also didn’t show add the last ride to my total Kilometers and time. I see it on Strava but not on the Zwift profile page.

(Dan TierneyII MVW (C)) #13

 as much as I like being able to sync my strava account with zwift, I may need to unsync the two with the new time zone of the new island.  I do most of my rides in the evenings, and this will throw off my training calendar (I dont specifically use the training calendar but I like being able to see my weekly hours…in the days/weeks they occurred)

(Mike Dienhart [DEN/ORD]) #14

Back to original topic:

I use Strava to track weekly miles and TSS / Fatigue. I know, it’s not perfect, but it’s a system that is “internally consistent” since I have a lot of history. Like the OP, on the original island everything worked fine - Strava included Zwift miles in my weekly total, and TSS / Fatigue updated just fine.

Not so with Watopia, and this is an important issue for me. I’ll go back to riding TrainerRoad workouts until this is fixed / corrected. I’m getting addicted to Zwift, but it has to integrate into Strava…

(Casey Schumm [X]) #15

Just to clarify. Strava numbers so show up but only after your time zone has caught up with the ride time on the new island.  For me that is around 18 hours.  So your totals end up correct but my rides are often going to show on the next day. 

(Johnny RCCSFC (D)) #16

So for a lot of us in the U.S… Sunday workouts would go to monday

(Brett Martin) #17

Johnny Strava - So you are basically having the reverse problem we were having on Jervis Island then? 

(Ernest Ezis) #18

I really, really, really don’t want or need features like flying burritos and all that other stuff. I do want seamless Strava integration. Since Zwift is delivered as an App, can’t you read our system clocks and adjust the .fit file so that the activity lands on the correct date as part of the “save and upload” process?  If not, please provide a dialogbox or something that allows us to normalize/localize the date & time.


(Johnny RCCSFC (D)) #19

^ it has to do with riding with others… lots of group rides and racing going on and they all need to match time for it to make sense. I would be nice if we could have an option when we start the game… for me both would be important to have, but right now we only have the Watopia time zone.

(Sempah Rider) #20

yes, i confirmed that in Watopia, all my ridings doesn’t adds up to my Strava mileage. So basically I will upload my Garmin .Fit file instead of direct upload from Zwift. Hope someone can solve this bugs.

Not to mention the time difference in Zwift which make it troublesome when you upload a ride only to see your weekly mileage goals doesn’t count it as it is actually falls into the next day ride. Hope we can have the ability to set our own timezone in the future.