New course development


Just had the first week of using Zwift and hooked already

Do we know if any other countries are being developed or considered as future courses ?

I knew i was hooked when as a 43 yr old man i shouted to my wife i’ve just got a purple and green running kit and glasses :smile:
Which got the reply that i sounded like my son playing Fortnite :wink:

Zwift likes to keep its surprises, but they do have a commitment with the UCI for World’s…which means Switzerland soon and in 2021, Belgium.

Zwift Running is still a beta platform and I haven’t heard any potential upcoming running routes outside of Watopia and NYC. But runners can run on any of the cycling routes as well, just don’t get route badges unless it’s a specific running route.

Since the running platform is still in beta that’s why they don’t charge for it currently. Only cycling needs a monthly sub to use.

For runners, I had suggested a true Greek Marathon course complete with Greek architecture from the past and a toga outfit to boot. A number of people had suggested a shortened 13.1 length, so a full marathon would be out and back, complete with mile/km markers.

As long as your avatar doesn’t drop dead at the end of the route! :joy:

^ Oh good golly :laughing: