New Bugs as of 3/17

Noticed a couple of things on my 3/17 ride that I’d not seen before (Windows 8.1):

1.  Tire slippage warning popped up, went away, but my 650 watt effort never got me past 13mph after the warning.

2.  Milestone First Lap on actual lap 3.

3.  The sun rays seem to very slightly penetrate the buildings downtown.

4.  I, too, saw the missing rear wheel phenomenon.

I love Zwift!  I have never looked forward to a ride in my basement.  That’s not the case anymore.  When can we expect to see rain and snow?  If rain, will it have an affect on traction/crashes?  It’d be great to see riders going around with big white VIRTUAL bandages on.  Tough as virtual nails.

Forgot to mention:  I updated the graphics driver to the latest available from the card manufacturer (AMD) and the crash on save is now gone.  Don’t know if that coincides with the March Zwift update or with my graphics update, but it is resolved for me.  Thanks!