New bug introduced in the last iOS build - saved user can't login without reentering full credentials

last iOS release introduced a bug that renders the app useless for me. The saved user can’t login (as it always could before this release) without actually reentering full credentials. I was hoping you were going to fix this bug quickly but more than a month passed and no sign of a fix. Because of this I have to use the computer. That and oh, the eternal problem with lost workouts, which you also never fixed, that occurs on iOS. 

Thanks for reporting this! We’re aware of and investigating the issue with credentials not saving, but it only appears to affect some accounts, so reproducing it has been difficult. If you’re willing to let us borrow your account, please open a support ticket with us and reference this post, as it may help us identify the issue.

We’re not aware of any issue specific to iOS with structured workouts not saving. All iOS specific issues should be solvable by force closing the app between rides. If you’re referring to progress from a ride not saving, we are still working to solve this issue.

We appreciate your help improving Zwift!

Have the same issue. Started after I changed my password.

Tried deleting the app from my iPad (Pro running iOS10.3.3), restarting the iPad and downloaded the app again. No luck. Now, I have to start a session by clicking on the “change user” icon and entering in my full credentials. Makes it a pain. App should provide a good UX, this does not. Please put some resources behind your bug fixes.

I’m experiencing the same thing. Incredibly frustrating.