New Biker Looking To Get Faster and Longer Rides

I am new to biking; been biking about 3 months and I am overweight and in my 50s. I am trying to get faster on the bike and ride for longer rides.

Where should I start out with Zwift? Any tips would be outstanding

Hi @Johnathan_LightSport, welcome to the world of cycling and Zwift!

First of all, do you have all the equipment needed for Zwift and have you done the free trial or do you mean you have been on Zwift for 3 months already? There is a learning curve to Zwift which is why I ask, and depending on your setup/trainer I might suggest starting a training plan.

Thanks for getting bike to me. I got a revolt adv 0 that I been riding for about 3 months. I ordered a kickr bike and waiting for it to come so just doing all my resource now.

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Wow! That is nice! I think you will enjoy that very much. Once you get it and get all setup, just ride around Zwift and explore the worlds, get to know the user interface (like I said, there is a learning curve), and then try joining some group rides or events. After a while, do an FTP test and then you can start a training plan if that suits you. is you place for all sorts of information, getting started guides, route descriptions, explanations of different settings like trainer difficulty, fastest bikes and wheels to use and at what level you can get them, etc… Lots to read about and learn. Also check out GP Lama (Shane Miller) on youtube for lots of tips and tricks. He has full videos of how to setup the Kickr bike too.

What device will you use to run Zwift? Apple TV, PC, Mac, iPhone, etc…

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Right now I am counting on using a Macbook Po 13-Inch, Processor 2.5ghz Coire i5,12 Gb RAM and HD Graphic 4000 1538mb Graphics.

if that dont work then maybe using my iPhone 11 or Apple TV… If I like everything I can see a Zwift PC Build coming…

I would also suggest using an ANT+ dongle with an extension cable rather than bluetooth. Ant+ is a more stable connection and less prone to interference and signal dropouts.

will that work with Apple TV?

no, Apple TV is Bluetooth only, and limited to only 3 connections at a time (one of which is used by the remote, which is also reviewed by Zwift users as being pretty terrible for navigating the menus in Zwift). With the Kickr Bike, you will only need one connection to get your power and cadence transmitted, leaving one connection for a HRM if needed. So you should be fine if that is the route you choose. Seems like most Apple TV users have good experience with bluetooth, it must be more stable than windows 10.


Zwift is prettier on ATV…or at least a big screen. I am now thinking about moving from the garage an dmy 15" laptop to the our upstairs OLED TV (we 99% watch downstairs)…except I like the cool weather that winter brings.

Sounds like you should just move that upstairs TV to the garage!!

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