new Austria routes

(Jen Brody) #1

I like the new routes but can you alternate the other routes more, meaning not have it the only thing 4 days in a row. They are all heavy climbing rides in low miles. i am recovering from an injury and can’t do heavy climbing and i have no options in these new routes

(Nigel Doyle) #2

Another vote for the ability to selected worlds it looks like to me.

You can ride whichever course you want using the Zwift world hack.

If you lower the trainer difficulty setting to zero you essentially flatten out the course and your trainer won’t change resistance, it essentially becomes a dumb trainer.

(P MAC) #3

True but it’s still much more boring riding at 15kph up a hill compared to 40kph on a flattish course.

(Vincent W.) #4

Appreciate the suggestion Jen! Also certain events now can be in other worlds, and training plans/workouts can eliminate gradient resistance with ERG mode. But I fully understand the want for some world variety. :slight_smile: